Work flexibly in elegant open work spaces

Flexi desking suits a range of business owners, employees and contractors who are seeking a professional presence to call home – on their own terms. We offer a range of packages from a simple drop-in through to dedicated days each month to ensure we are fitting your needs, and not the other way around. A flexi desk suits many varying individuals including those who travel frequently for work, and only visit Richmond on a case-by-case basis. Balance family with work and require a professional environment to focus on work away from those (loving) distractions.

Working at a flexible workspace in Richmond is about more than just a presence near the city. It is also about placing yourself mindfully in a space that encourages optimal performance and high-quality outcomes for you and your work. We have designed an intimate, boutique environment that inspires creativity and aspiration, with all the mod cons you could want from your ideal shared office space.