Dedicated desks, a work space as dedicated as you

Choose your dedicated desk in an opened shared office for 6 means opening yourself up to possibilities. Our community of like-minded businesses represent an array of brand maturity, from well-known international brands who sought a stylish Richmond presence, to ambitious start-ups ready to make their mark on Australia and beyond. Your dedicated desk is in one of the most enviable positions across the space: Our mezzanine. You will enjoy the “CEO view” – floor to ceiling glass windows overlooking one of our larger spaces below and offering an uninterrupted view of the inspiring Bryant and May building.

Alongside our modern minimalist aesthetic, you will discover our cutting-edge facilities, seamless concierge services and an environment designed to delight and inspire, every single day. Your generously sized desk and lockable cabinet form a blank canvas on which you can create your ideal workspace and organisation. Unlike other flexible workspaces you may have considered in the area, we choose to be unbranded. What this means is you will not find our logo on the door, nor highlighted within. By doing this, we allow you and your brand to present themselves as a single, larger entity.